Welcome to the Institute of Adult Education in Närpes!

The Institute of Adult Education in Närpes is an educational organization providing a wide range of non-formal education. You can study Swedish full-time as well as participate in many shorter courses in many subject areas. Our courses are open to all and we offer courses for all ages. Most of our courses are held in the evening. In most of our courses, the language of instruction is Swedish, but everyone is welcome to join regardless of mother tongue. By attending our courses, you can learn something new, improve your language skills and meet new people!

 The Institute of Adult Education in Närpes is a liberal adult education institution, with the purpose to offer self-motivated grassroots education and continuous learning to all citizens. The aim of liberal adult education is to promote social cohesion, equality and active citizenship based on the principle of lifelong learning. The aim is also to support the well-being and versatile development of the citizens. It is a tradition in Finland that everyone is given the opportunity to develop themselves, do things together, create content and meaning in life. It does not cost much to participate in activities because the institute receives financial support from the state of Finland as well as the municipality of Närpes.

You can take part in activities in these subject areas at the institute: Lectures, Music, Dance and Drama, Photo and Arts, Crafts, Languages, IT Skills, Cooking, General Topics and Exercise.

We will be happy to help you find the right course for you.

You can visit us at Biblioteksvägen 2D, Närpes. Doors are open from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Welcome along!